Employee Benefits are on the Rise!

Employee benefits are on the rise! The private sector in 2018 is providing benefits to meet a wider range of employee needs in order to help employees rebalance their work/life equation.

Here's a look at key benefits trends that began in 2017 and seem to have staying power:

  1. Financial Wellness Programs – The Society for Human Resource Management reported that employers increased their focus on the financial well-being of their workers in January 2017. Benefits such as assistance with managing student loan debt, day-to-day budgeting and even physical and emotional well-being were added to help recruit and retain employees. By June of 2017, 49 percent of employers were offering some type of financial advice—such as providing online assessment and advice tools, group instruction and one-on-one advice with a financial counselor. 

  2. Paid Leave – The trend is to continue to increase paid time off for parents following the arrival of a new child. Paid family leave is now becoming a new standard for employers

  3. Rising Health Care Costs – Because of rising deductibles employers are adding new steps such as employee incentives to spend wisely through health savings accounts.

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