HR BRIEF | Importance of Engagement

There are many factors to employee success in the workplace. For example, ambition, tact and creativity can increase an employee’s value in an organization. But engagement—on the whole—may be the most important factor of all because it is owned and internalized by each individual. This means engaged employees want to succeed, which, in turn, furthers the organization’s success.In order to understand what makes a team and the members on it successful, Google examined more than 250 attributes of its employees. Based on its research, Google published what it believes are the five keys to a successful team at its company:  

1. Psychological safety 
2. Dependability
3. Structure and clarity
4. Meaning of work
5. Impact of work.

All five of these points rely on a varying degree of employee engagement. For example,employees who are unmotivated and disengaged may foster an uncreative environment, meaning others may not feel inspired to share ideas with them. Similarly, many disengaged employees cannot be depended upon, especially if they let their disinterest affect the quality of their work. Furthermore, many disengaged employees do not see meaning in their work, which can harm an organization and cause its team structure to

Jamie Wimberly